Business Process and Technology Consulting
High-value services for apparel and footwear companies.

A range of consulting and design services aimed at defining the best-suited IT infrastructure to optimize business performance, reduce costs and facilitate interactions with customers. Moda Solutions provides support to all project phases: from planning and development, to implementation, up to the final evaluation of results and potential adjustments.


Business Intelligence

Business performance analysis, monitoring and optimization, improvement of decision-making processes and financial management.

Its extensive expertise on business and IT environments allows Moda Solutions to offer a complete range of Business Intelligence services to improve processes and corporate structure, as well as to increase companies’ competitive advantages. Moda Solutions services aim at facilitating the flow of both internal and external information, supporting the sharing and deepening of data knowledge at all levels. A mindful analysis of business information allows an accurate understanding of the company performance, as well as a reliable forecast on future scenarios and suggested reaction strategies. The implementation of Business Intelligence tools increases control, analysis and optimization of business performance, improving also the decision making process and financial management.

Business Process Management

Improving business efficiency. Better performance starts from the optimization of business organizational process.

Moda Solutions, through its experienced and skilled team, supports companies in the implementation of Business Process Management tools aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations, through the simplification and standardization of procedures. The redesign process starts from the development of standardized best practices and is based on a detailed analysis of the current situation. The study of best-suited solutions and a new process structure are developed according to set objectives and follow the process mapping and the identification of critical aspects (gap analysis). Included in the operation are the monitoring and possible corrective actions applied to corporate communication and integration levels, a process also acting on the effectiveness of the supporting information systems. Benefits can be observed on many levels: from cost optimization derived from the enhanced efficiency of organizational processes, up to a greater control on business dynamics and an improvement of customer-oriented services and relations within the supply chain.

Organizational Change Management

Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency.

Knowing how to identify changes in time and how to contrast or support them by responding promptly is crucial to business management. Incisive actions at all levels of the organization are the only way to introduce and implement new procedures and technologies, as well as to rapidly acquire new skills, reduce operating costs and improve efficiency. With its know-how and its team’s specific skills, Moda Solutions supports companies through the Organizational Change Management process by developing a tailored strategy shared with management. The process involves the design and implementation of solutions able to integrate procedures, processes, structure, human resources and information systems at all levels of the organization. Moda Solutions’ support is developed to cover all phases of intervention: from design and planning (a revision of the objectives by the company management) to the implementation (program application and management of related impacts on human resources), up to the evaluation phase and potential adjustments.

Financial & Performance Management

Planning and control of financial management and business performance.

Moda Solutions offers an effective support in the development of solutions aimed at enhancing companies financial management capacity, with concrete effects on the overall organizational and operational performance. Activities impact on planning and management, both regarding financial management and business performance. The goal is to achieve an instant and widespread consolidation of management and financial aspects, as well as a higher cost control and profitability analysis. Strategic actions undertaken through the implementation of advanced information systems range from company accounting tools to those focused on performance indicators (KPI); where the former are conceived to collect data regarding the company’s activities in order to analyze and control costs and revenues. On the other hand, KPIs are part of a specific reporting system available to management and, through the collection and processing of a dense range of data, provide the information needed for the economic and financial monitoring of the company.


Tailored strategies to improve production and logistics management.

To support companies in the process of enhancing their operational performance Moda Solutions develops ad-hoc strategies aimed at improving production and logistics management. Operations act on the supply chain, promoting process coordination between internal and external resources and solving production planning and management challenges. Each action is developed according to the related context and implemented through preconfigured best-practices, aimed at highlighting and eliminating inefficiencies in order to improve performance at all levels of the supply chain. Business intelligence tools are calibrated according to the various operational areas and have an influence on the cohesion of information flows as well as on process integration; they also support the decision-making process helping forecasting and demand planning. Moreover, corrective actions allow to bring real benefits to purchase processes, goods management (reducing stocks) and to the management of logistics performance. Advantages translate into a substantial improvement of service levels, a faster reaction to market changes, lead time reduction and the enhancement of efficiency along the supply chain.


Change Management

Efficient management of changes to IT infrastructure and applications.

Maintaining the proper balance between the need for change and the impact on all company levels is crucial when implementing a Change Management project. In other words, each process of change requires the ability to transform things in an orderly manner, reducing risks while making the correct choices. Ensuring visibility and communication of the ongoing process throughout the whole company is also essential to promote a smooth transition. Through its extensive experience and know-how, Moda Solutions is able to support the company during the delicate phase of verifying that methods and procedures are applied in the best way. The objective is to achieve the efficient management of all changes to IT infrastructure and applications as well as minimizing the impact and potential “incidents” along the way. The greater benefits of an appropriate Change Management implementation are related to the alignment between IT services and business needs, to a more efficient risk evaluation, to a faster and more realistic assessment of costs and to the improved operational performance derived from a reduced amount of inefficiencies.

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Implementation

Project management techniques and standardized best-practices

At the heart of Moda Solutions offer is Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrated with Moda Solutions add-on, a vertical solution developed according to apparel and footwear companies’ specific needs. All projects are implemented through Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step structured methodology, a comprehensive strategy developed to offer a coherent approach and a series of tools and models able to ensure successful results. Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step offers management techniques and standardized best-practices along with intuitive tools for the configuration and update of Microsoft Dynamics solutions (to be used both within the platform and individually). Standard procedures allow to maintain a coherent approach and to facilitate large-scale implementations across multiple locations and different countries. Results feature a direct business value, risk reduction and greater customer satisfaction. The Sure Step methodology is available for all major Microsoft Dynamics solutions, is downloadable and does not require internet connection, is easy to use and to customize.

System Integration

One single environment to manage multiple integrated software and systems.

Moda Solutions’ strategic skills and extensive knowledge of information technology allow to provide complete support in the implementation of architectural solutions based on the integration of different operating systems, managed also through the development of interfaces able to act as “glue” to permit the dialogue and interaction between systems. This process results in added value to the overall system and the emergence of new potentials, originated from the integration of the different "subsystems". Today we are experiencing an exponential growth in the importance of System Integration: more and more systems are now designed to be connected to each another and to allow their integration into a constantly evolving "macrosystem". The integrated management of multiple systems and software through a single and harmonious environment is aimed at positively impacting efficiency, allowing the company to promote business innovation and to gain greater competitiveness in facing market challenges.

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